The main aim of the Lyneham Flying Club is; to provide flying instruction to PPL standard, to current Service personnel at the lowest possible cost. In addition we aim to provide facilities for instructional and recreational flying for service dependants, service reservists, members of the ATC/CCF, retired servicemen and certain local civilians.

The Club is run on a self-help basis. All flying operations are in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations; the aircraft are on the civil register and instructors, although some are RAF pilots, hold commercial instructor licences. Additionally, as a Club which may benefit from Service charities, the Club must comply with certain Service Regulations. However, in general the Club is self-financing through charges made to its members.

The Club can thus offer some of the best flying in the UK. Nevertheless, it is not a commercial flying school. IT IS A CLUB AND RELIES ON THE SUPPORT OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF ITS MEMBERS FOR ITS CONTINUED SUCCESS. Whether a member can volunteer specific expertise or merely offer an extra pair of hands for refuelling aircraft, answering telephones or even cleaning coffee cups, each is equally valuable to the smooth running of the Club. Furthermore, a lot can be learnt about flying from “crew room banter”, so time spent at the Club is never wasted.

In order to fly as a passenger or conduct flying training you must become a member; this is free for passenger membership. Details on becoming a member and the required form can be found below.